A Texas road trip in pictures

When I was growing up, my family did Texas road trips all the time, although we didn’t call them that. We just called them trips, because if we were going anywhere, it would always be in my our long yellow station wagon.

My brother, my sister and I would pile into the back, creating a den so big you could lie down completely. We would pile in books and comics along with pillows and blankets and hole up amid the suitcases. My mom would stock a massive boxy cooler with ham sandwiches, cans of Coke and carrot sticks. And in between playing, talking, fighting, singing, we would spend endless amounts of time staring out the window.


bokeh rear view mirror

I love this pic my stepson took of small town storefronts, with this great bokeh flare in the corner


grain elevator Texas

The lines and curves of the highways, telephone poles and grain elevators are a frequent vision of pleasing geometry, even as you fly by at 75mph


on the road Wildcatter Ranch

Getting ready to hit the road

These days the vehicles are a lot more luxurious (the ultimate in Texas summer driving? Air-conditioned seats!). The kids stay in their seats, fully buckled. We pack chips and carrots but favour burger joints for lunch and 7-Elevens as a source for slushies and Diet Dr Pepper.


Admiring the Texas landscape is still one of my favourite things to do on a trip. From the symmetrical rows of plowed fields to the concrete calligraphy of highways junctions to — my personal favourite — the shops and squares in small towns dotted across the state.


courthouse in Texas

Beautiful, grand courthouses stand in cities across the state, even in the smallest of town. Seeing them is like unexpectedly coming across a gem in your back garden


fountains roadside Texas

These roadside emporiums have always fascinated me. For all your fountain and pump needs


Every summer we come to Texas and drive around, exploring and seeing family and friends. This past summer we explored around using the Hertz Road Trip Planner, a great tool with routes around the U.S. (On this campaign collaboration, Hertz provided the car and covered the cost of our rental). My husband, teens and I drove the Deep in the Heart of Texas route.


Deep in Heart of Texas tour with arrows

Our route and our stops, marked with arrows


grain elevator Texas

The lines and curves of grain elevators, highway, telephone poles make for gorgeous geometry, even as you fly by at 75mph


car at Wildcatter Ranch

Taking a pause at Wildcatter Ranch in Graham

There’s so much beauty to be experienced in a Texas road trip — not only in the landscape but also in the municipal buildings, the restaurants, even the mundane signs and unexceptional warehouses and shopfronts. These days, when the kids spend so much time staring at their screens, I worry that they are missing out on these road trip opportunities to appreciate the vast differences across the state, do some mental housekeeping. see the world even as it slips past the car window.

I’ve written about our #Hertztrip discoveries in Abilene and will be posting more soon. Until then, see the glimpses of Texas that we experienced as we drove Deep in the Heart of Texas.


What do you enjoy most about road trips with the kids? Leave a comment below or tweet me on @JHowze using the hashtag #Hertztrip


Disclosure: Hertz UK covered the cost of our car rental. All stops were chosen by my family and opinions are my own. 

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  1. December 11, 2017 / 11:58 am

    I love the sorts of conversations you can have on these long road trips. They can get quite surreal! Beautiful pictures.

    • December 11, 2017 / 1:10 pm

      It’s amazing what kids will say once you get them talking on the road!

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