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8 hacks for a last-minute trip to Berlin

I went through a period recently — after travelling a lot for work — when I didn’t want to plot out my personal trips at all. I turned up on a few holidays completely footloose and fancy free, without the slightest idea of how I would fill my days. Onwards, Lady Luck! Hello, serendipity! Let the gods decide! I exclaimed as I wandered with neither schedule nor plan. It sounds good. But when...

15 pictures to make you want to visit Berlin #ad

We had air miles, we had a companion ticket that needed using and we had children who were away with friends for the weekend: It was the perfect opportunity for my husband and me to get away on a child-free weekend. But where to go? The list of places I want to go is long indeed. In this case we were guided by availability and someplace where both of us had never been. Amazingly, Berlin made the list. Having just...

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