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The best museum in Istanbul

With all the drinking, eating and people-watching to do while travelling, sometimes — sometimes — I find the museum-going with travel to be a bit…obligatory. Some museums are life-changing for me, like the Reina Sofia in Madrid. Others are full of important and beautiful works that leave me feeling like I really *should* read more art history. If only I could pause journeying this forkful of local...

A counterintuitive tip for turning your blog into a book

Lots of us bloggers have aspirations to turn our blog into a book. At CyberMummy we had the fabuous Robin Harvie from Harper Collins talking about it (if you missed it,¬†catch up with¬†Young & Younger’s liveblog from the session). One thing that Robin mentioned is that sometimes publishing your book for free online secures a book deal. This seems counterintuitive – if people can get it for free, why...

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