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Beautiful women who make you feel good

TweetOne of the people that I met on the #ONEMums trip to Ethiopia was the amazing Karen, who blogs at Chookooloonks. The site is hard to spell but beautiful to see. Karen had been on a previous #ONEMums trip and was the official photographer for our trip, so when we wanted to put down the camera or the phone and just concentrate on the stories of the people we were meeting, we could. Karen’s involved in seemingly 101 projects, but her core message is that everyone is beautiful and we should all find the beauty inside ourselves. It’s something I saw a lot of in Ethiopia. I was there with ONE, the campaigning organisation founded by Bono, to see the differences that our foreign aid actually makes on the ground with people who need it. We met women and children who were struggling to get enough to eat, to educate themselves, and to keep their families together. But through it all they were smiling and energetic. You could sit in a mud hut alongside some sheep and a meagre cooking area and feel joy. (Go to our #ONEMums Pinterest board to see some of the gorgeous folks we met.) Also, check out this video Karen made: one of the few videos of gorgeous women that actually makes you feel good about yourself. You can see the original on the Upworthy site.  ...

My guest post in the NY Times Motherlode blog

TweetI’ve got a blog post up on the New York Times’s Motherlode blog, written by the amazing Lisa Belkin, about the response in the UK to How I Don’t Know How She Does It, and the problems that vex working mothers even at the highest levels. Check out Jenography on Motherlode now.  ...

MeTV: Jenography on Figaro Social Media panel

TweetThe week before last I appeared on a panel at a social media conference organised by Figaro, along with Paul Fox from XBox, Carrie Longton from Mumsnet, and Dan Heale who works with our friends over at Digital Outlook. We talked about how families use social media and what works for companies who reach out to those families. It was a really interesting discussion with loads of time for questions from the floor. One person dared to suggest that blogging is over (ho ho, was my – and the general – response). This video is of the entire session but it’s worth settling down for a good listen when you have the time. Jenography on the Figaro social media and families panel...

A night out with Jenography and Family Affairs

Tweet This week I’m attending two interesting events and have extra tickets to both. Are there any bloggers out there interested? Wednesday evening, April 6 – Namibia, drinks and Charlie Boorman On Weds 6 April I’m attending Network Namibia’s annual event with Family Affairs and Other Matters. It will be an evening at the Royal Geographic Society in Kensington focussing on the conservation efforts in Namibia, specifically with the Black Rhino. Tickets are ordinarily £15 and there will be Namibian food, Namibian drink and Charlie Boorman, who’s lending his star power to highlight the good works. Lulu (@FamilyAffairs) and I are going as blogger media. If you’re interested in travel, conservation, the WWF or just getting out there with a couple of fun bloggers, Tweet me (@JHowze) or post a comment. Thursday evening, 31 Mar – Advice from some of the UK’s best-connected women I blogged previously about my involvement with Women Like Us – I’m speaking about women and entrepreneurship alongside illustrious panelists that include Claire Fox of the Institute of Ideas, Gillian Harwood and Carole Stone, whom the Independent has called the “best-connected woman in Britain“. I’ve discovered I’m allowed a few free guest tickets. The event is taking place in Islington,at The Pleasance Theatre. Thursday 31st March 18:30 – 21:30 The Pleasance Theatre, located at the Busworks, North Road, London N7 Again, tweet me or leave a comment and I’ll get back to you ASAP. Photo: Tickets by Bart Heird, via Flickr...

Let’s not get squeamish about science

TweetThe kerfuffle about Robert Winston’s lesson in Jamie’s Dream School, in which teenage boys look at anonymised samples of their own sperm, is making me laugh. The noted professor of Science and Society at Imperial College London has spent a lesson – soon to be broadcast on Channel 4 – having troubled teen boys look at swimming sperm under a microscope. “When pictures of the rapidly swimming sperm under the microscope were projected on a screen in front of the whole class, there was complete attention. Unsurprisingly, these rather unruly school students were engaged and excited,” he writes in an op-ed piece today in the Times (subscription required). The human body is fascinating…and not just in that leer-and-wink way that all this “outrage” implies. I had several marvelous science teachers from age 12 up who energised students with experiments, real-world knowledge and practical facts. The article on the lesson in the Daily Mail made me laugh out loud. “A Channel 4 source insisted viewers would not see the samples being collected,” it intoned, as if to save the concerns of its readers to whom – I hope – the prospect of primetime televised masturbation wouldn’t even have occurred. Really, such prudishness about the human body is pretty offensive in itself, as if there is something inherently disgusting or unseemly (or should I say, unsemenly?) about viewing sperm underneath a microscope. Kids in science classes often prick their fingers and do experiments to type their own blood. I did this when I was a preteen and it suddenly made life science not some dry theoretical lesson but an area of study that pervaded my entire world. And can we also just say, if you want to keep troubled teen boys from impregnating their girlfriends, showing them how easily that can happen seems a pretty good way to go about it. David Turtle, spokesman for the pressure group Mediawatch UK, should be ashamed of himself for his quote in the Mail’s story: “From our point of view it’s condoning a form of behaviour in a classroom situation.” Yeah, enthusiastic learning. Who wants that?...

Jenography featured in SHE magazine

TweetWhat do Cindy Crawford and I have in common? I know a thousand examples rush to mind, but really the most important right now is that we are both featured in the October 2010 issue of SHE magazine. Cindy is hogging the cover (yes, yes, Cindy, we get it, you’re still hot) while I’m lounging in a much more reserved position of p69 (please, no jokes – it is just too easy). The article is about online communities and along with the Connoisseurs, the Domestic Blogesses, the Fashion Followers and the Confessionistas are the Mummy Bloggers. (Click on the image to see a readable version. We’re in the lower RH corner.) In addition to this very blog you are reading right now, the article name-checks: * The charming * My BMB partner * The just-as-good-as-a-mum * the mama of all mommy blogs * and the inimitable

Thrill! I was on Woman's Hour

TweetIt has been a dream of mine ever since I landed on these shores to be a Woman’s Hour guest – one of those women talking in authoritative tones about high-minded topics. Well, I don’t know about the authoritative tone but this morning I did have the opportunity to talk about CyberMummy and the phenomenon of mum blogging. I was in the studio – lots of winding passages, door upon door, then a round table with microphones – with Eva from Nixdminx, who looked cool as a cucumber as she was questioned by Jane Garvey. For the record, we didn’t put on the headphones next to the mics, so we missed out on our moment of looking like a mum-blogging girl group. They included three pre-recorded segments of @SandyCalico, @and1moremeans5, and @thepottydiaries reading from their posts, which was brilliant. It was an interesting discussion, and I want to say thanks for all the supportive tweets afterwards:  @cafebebe, @PRGrafitti, @funkyangelclaire, @pantswithnames, @ElsieButton, @christinemosler, @cookingkt, @karamina, @tara_cain, @verybusymama, @Erica, @nurturestore, @vegemitevix, @dotterel, @perfectweekends, @babyrambles, @angelsurchins, @greenkiddie, @kerryjeanpower, @mummypreneur and anyone else I might have left out! Listen again to the mum blogging segment, with the BBC’s iPlayer. Picture: Image: Rasmus Thomsen /

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