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The Poor Woman’s Writing Retreat

For years I’ve dreamed of spending a week or a month at a writer’s retreat. Lessons in a cosy sitting-room-turned-classroom on the edge of cliff, afternoons spent sitting in a windowseat scribbling down my novel. That’s never happened, not least of all because no one ever actually sat in a hard, uncomfortable windowseat for more than a quarter hour. But finding the time to get away from family and...

A counterintuitive tip for turning your blog into a book

Lots of us bloggers have aspirations to turn our blog into a book. At CyberMummy we had the fabuous Robin Harvie from Harper Collins talking about it (if you missed it,¬†catch up with¬†Young & Younger’s liveblog from the session). One thing that Robin mentioned is that sometimes publishing your book for free online secures a book deal. This seems counterintuitive – if people can get it for free, why...

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