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My guest post in the NY Times Motherlode blog

I’ve got a blog post up on the New York Times’s Motherlode blog, written by the amazing Lisa Belkin, about the response in the UK to How I Don’t Know How She Does It, and the problems that vex working mothers even at the highest levels. Check out Jenography on Motherlode now.   Share...

Playtime is over for New York parents

What does any NYC parent worth his or her salt do when they feel their child’s nursery education is not up to snuff? Of course – they sue. The Times wrote yesterday about the lawsuit brought byNicole Imprescia against her daughter’s preschool. You can read that piece on the Times’s site (even if you’re not a subscriber, for £1 you got all of the stories from today’s paper plus...

Free-range kids in London: Jenography on Lenore Skenazy's blog

This past week it seemed like everyone (including even London mayor and flamboyant Tory Boris Johnson) was talking about the Dulwich parents who let their kids ride bicycles to school on their own. For those of you reading Alpha Mummy, you know that I support the Schonrock's but the situation has raised some interesting questions. I've written about the issue for Lenore Skenazy's site

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