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Afternoon tea in London: Harvey Nichols 5th Floor

Harvey Nichols 5th Floor Restaurant

109-125 Knightsbridge, Belgravia, London SW1X 7RJ


Harvey Nicks 5th Floor cafe - Jenography

A modern setting for afternoon tea, with an open kitchen and skylights


afternoon tea menu at Harvey Nicks

The menu for afternoon tea at Harvey Nicks features a woman’s perfectly manicured hand: “Pinkies up” it entreats. Tea here though is less a prim and proper affair and more about being in the midst of the fun and buzzy environment of a temple of fashion and commerce.

Sitting amid the unadorned wooden tables, you might be next to a trio of women having cocktails, a family having light meal, a couple with toddler twins who had popped up for snacks and other afternoon tea-ers. The mood is lively, the sound level is high. Just across the low edge of the restaurant lies a conveyor belt sushi restaurant and the bubble tea counter. At times my mother found it hard to hear our conversation — something to keep in mind with large parties or those who have difficulty hearing.

Within this casual atmosphere, we were served a range of savoury and sweet treats that ranged from interesting to sublime.


Scones at Harvey Nichols

Scones are served with strawberry jam and salted caramel (just visible in white pot on the right)

afternoon tea at Harvey Nichols London

The scones — plain and raisin — were tasty, and served with strawberry jam and salted caramel (my mother enjoyed it but is it gilding the lily?). I inhaled the coronation chicken on brioche, my sister-in-law liked the cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches. The roasted vegetable wrap looked tempting, but disappointingly the filling had made the tortilla soggy and unappetising. We skipped it to move onto the French pastries.


Harvey Nicks afternoon tea pastries - Jenography


Jenography eating an eclair at Harvey Nichols

Enjoying my favourite item

There we discovered the tangy delights of the lime pie, a perfect pistachio macaroon, a red velvet cupcake with its curly hat of icing topped with a black and white decorated disc, and a light and heavenly mini-eclair. At the 5th Floor the food was the highlight for a casual, light-hearted afternoon tea experience. And where else can you sip tea, eat tiny sandwiches, then admire the Jimmy Choos, the Alexander McQueen, the Balenciaga and the Victoria Beckham on the way out?

The look: Buzz, chatter and high-gloss clatter

Tasty highlight: The mini chocolate eclairs were the best I’ve ever tasted

Perfect for: City lovers who enjoy a buzzy atmosphere with a bit of luxury shopping on the side

Child-friendly? Yes! From babies to school-age kids to teens enjoying cream tea, we saw a range of ages, and the casual vibe means no need to coax them into “fancy” clothes

Price: Available from 3-5pm. Traditional Afternoon Tea, £35 per person, Champagne Afternoon Tea, £40

You can make reservations, but on the day we went (Sunday late afternoon) there were plenty of tables.

+44 207 235 5250 /


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7 Responses to “Afternoon tea in London: Harvey Nichols 5th Floor”

  1. Oh dear, you don’t expect a soggy bottomed wrap at Harvey Nicks do you?? Looks good though, great that it’s child friendly and the price isn’t unreasonable either.

  2. How delicious does it look! Although dearie me to the soggy tortilla. Why have i never managed to get here?

  3. I love afternoon tea – glad you had fun!

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