Jumping on the giant inflatable Stonehenge

Rising majestically and inflatably

I thought the coolest thing that Jeremy Deller has done was his documentary about Depeche Mode fanatics, “Our Hobby Is Depeche Mode“. That was until we visited Sacrilege, his inflatable Stonehenge.

This is surely the only giant bouncy prehistoric World Heritage site in the world. It’s travelling around England and, looking for something more inspiring than another day at the local park, I sent my daughter off with her babysitter to Hampstead Heath a couple of weeks ago to jump on it. It was mobbed, they had to queue and even so, my daughter loved it so much that the next day we went to Clapham Common where it was set up the next day.

We got there first thing, and there were a few delays – one related to council mandarins which is just too boring to detail here. They also had to deflate and patch a hole in Stonehenge, the benefit of that being that we got to see it slowly, dramatically inflate.

All 3 jumping

All 3 jumping

They let groups of 100 on for 15-minute slots of jumping, which is enough to run ’round with high knees in a kind of moon walk, do flips and somersaults, lie down and let someone try to bounce you by jumping around you and squeeze between the “stones”. We ended up sweaty and laughing and ready for a drink.

Squeezing through inflatable rocks

Squeezing through inflatable rocks

This interactive public artwork may make you consider how you think about historical sites. It definitely prompted some questions about Stonehenge from my children. Best of all, we didn’t have to site in traffic on the A344 to get there.

There are still a few places Sacrilege is visiting over the summer. Find the dates and locations here. Visiting and jumping on it is free.


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  1. August 30, 2012 / 11:59 pm

    Bit of bouncing, bit of sweating and some history – it’s all good!

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