Launching the UK’s ONE Mum blogger programme

ONE charity imageOver the years I’ve become pretty jaded about charity appeals. I don’t question the need for people to extend help to one another for all kinds of reasons, and many organisations do many good works. But I question whether the influx of money to poverty-stricken areas is used to greatest effect and whether it simply creates a reliance on international aid.

One of the latest initiatives by the charity ONE addresses these concerns by focussing on an area I really believe in: helping to change the political and financial realities for developing countries so they can transform themselves.

ONE has a petition urging EU leaders to pass strong laws that require oil, gas and mining companies publish and be transparent about payments they make to foreign governments. This enables the citizens of those countries to ensure the payments don’t get siphoned off but are used for government projects like schools, roads and health clinics. That’s the kind of change I really believe in – empowering citizens and local activists to create homegrown checks and balances. Sign the ONE petition here.

In the coming weeks, with BritMums and the ONE Mum Ambassador bloggers, there are going to be a host of other ways to get involved in worthwhile initiatives, starting with the #ONEMum and #LetsThrive Twitter party on Tuesday 10 April at 12:30.

Join us!

And check out my post over on BritMums, which tells more about the programme, the bloggers involved and how you can get involved too!

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